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Riding Stables

Making Riding Fun For All Ages

Photo Gallery

El Caballo Blanco come to Beachbrook El Caballo Blanco come to Beachbrook Me and Skye just before the show 150244156 Myself and my two best buddies from the show Me, Becs and Katja 150244157 Beautiful Fresian stallion This is Wobkee!! 150244158 Becs and myself before the Dunedin show 150244159 Practising my moves in the arena before the show 150244167 The stars of El Caballo Blanco 150244169 My favourite!!....Wobkee 150244168 Crew on their beach ride Playing in the river 150244160 Ponies playing 150244161 Trick rider Iyuna teaching Olivia Iyuna teaching Olivia some trapeeze tricks. Before becoming a trick rider for El Caballo, Iyuna was a trapeeze artist in the German Circus many years ago :-) 150244162 Iyuna showing us her moves 150244163 Ben being taught trick riding Sucwe (the masked man) teaching Ben how to be a trick rider. 150244164 Rolling the hoofball! 150244165 Ben balancing on the hoofball 150244166