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Riding Stables

Making Riding Fun For All Ages


Our standard treks are an hour long but can be longer by arrangement. You have a choice of booking a private trek for just yourselves and one of our guides, or if you are wanting a group experience you an opt for that too. Trek bookings are taken 7 days a week, as long as the weather is nice we can take you out at anytime that suits you providing we have the horses available to match your height and weight requirements. 

Important - Please note: All treks are run with at least one of our trekking guides either on foot walking with you or also on horseback depending on the experience levels of everyone riding. The pace you are able to go on your trek is at the discretion of your guide based on your riding ability and the calmness of your horse on the day. Safety is our priority. 100 kilo weight limit.

We specialise in private treks for couples, friends and family.

Our treks take you to some of New Zealand most beautiful scenic areas such as old pine forest, alongside the mighty Otaki River (river crossings on offer if the tides are right) and beach riding with absolutely stunning sunsets. For more experienced riders we can offer river swimming on your horse during the summer months. 

Our horses have the most incredibly quiet and trusting natures and are here because they love the work they do. They regularly take fearful clients whom have never ridden before. For those more experienced riders our horses are also very well schooled and adapt beautifully to whomever is riding them.

We have a very gentle philosophy in our trekking and prefer to have our horses bitless where we can. In some cases this is not entirely possible as some love their food too much and you would never get to where you are wanting to go! All our horses are loved like family and are very happy in their work. We do not ever hit our horses. They are quiet and calm because we are quiet and calm. They trust us because we trust them.

Come and enjoy a trek with us and bring the family. Create memories for gifts not things! Vouchers are available for one of our treks.